Vision and Mission of The West Bengal State Council of Technical and Vocational Education and Skill Development.


To introduce Skilling as aspirational, desirable and accessible for all children of school going age by 2025. To provide an inclusive ecosystem of learning, by breaking the barrier caused due to condition at birth, gender, and physical disability and to ensure a standard of Vocational education that creates a pool of skilled manpower that gives them a level playing field in the job market.


  1. Introduce Skill subjects as part of the school curricula for all children aged 10 and above and design this curricula with a motto ”Make learning Fun”.
  2. Introduce Standardised course curricula across all levels that is recognised both Nationally and Internationally.
  3. Make Vocational learning at Higher Secondary and Polytechnic more adept to new and emerging technology and in sync with Industry requirements not only at state/national level but also internationally.
  4. Create opportunities for students to interact with other students/industries/employers across the India and the globe by building bridges and going in for partnerships with these bodies.
  5. Making entry level access easier for those who are nominally represented in the skill education and create learning materials which are accessible to all.